Non-Conformance Management

Large-scale and repetitive damages are regrettably not uncommon in the wind industry. Our non-conformities Management service mitigates the negative impact on your project by coordinating your team and supplementing it with specialists from our experienced network. Each claim is unique and requires a tailored approach. We analyze the situation, develop a strategy, formulate settlement proposals, and negotiate them with your supplier.

End of warranty management

Ensuring defect-free turbines at the end of the warranty period is crucial for the operational costs of a wind farm. The identification of inspection needs, management of inspections, drafting deficiency notifications, and negotiations with suppliers constitute a distinct project where internal organizations often lack sufficient capacity. As a solution, we provide comprehensive project structuring and handle the aspects that your organization may not have the resources for, preventing the loss of significant contractual claims.

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Creation of O&M concepts

When developing optimal operation and maintenance (O&M) concepts, numerous factors need to be considered. Merely replicating past approaches rarely leads to maximum success. Nevertheless, incorporating lessons learned from previous projects remains valuable. With over 20 years of experience in O&M for wind energy systems, we specialize in creating tailored concepts or reviewing your existing one, whether during the planning phase or when the wind park is already in operation.

Negotiation of supply and service contracts for wind turbines

Turbine supply contracts are highly complex, and the outcomes of negotiations can vary significantly depending on market conditions. With over 20 years of experience in the wind industry, we have encountered diverse market situations and successfully found solutions tailored to each circumstance. Coordinating multiple internal stakeholders and addressing their distinct needs is an integral part of our expertise. Trust in our experience as we collaborate to negotiate the best contracts for your project. Leveraging our knowledge in wind park operations and non-comformity management, we guide you through both supply and service contract negotiations.


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